No Pioneer Interchange!  Fundraiser

No Pioneer Interchange! Fundraiser

and Spruce Creek Award Presentation

Yaupon Brothers American Tea - Yaupon Brothers American Tea, Pullman Road, Edgewater, FL, USA

About this event

This October fundraising event will benefit the "Save Don't Pave Spruce Creek" Campaign to stop the Pioneer Interchange and will be hosted by Yaupon Brothers American Tea and the Sweetwater Coalition of Volusia County, Inc.

Dress is casual, parking is plentiful, and tickets are only $50 each when you buy two.  Food includes bite-size sandwiches and catering by Lilly Rose Cafe: pasta, veggie platter, hummus, vegan cookies, cheese platter; with wine, vodka, and signature Yaupon Brothers tea to be served. The event will include music, local speakers, a small raffle/auction, and special presentation of the 2022 "Courage in Leadership" award to County Chair Jeff Brower for standing up for our environment and community. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the fight to protect Spruce Creek from the harmful Pioneer Trail/I-95 Interchange and other wetland-destroying projects in Volusia.

Please help us protect this ecologically valuable land, and enjoy a night of fun and networking while you do!

The Story Behind Save Don't Pave Spruce Creek

Tens of millions of dollars of federal money from a stimulus bill from last year are being used to revive a once-dead, ecologically-devastating, and widely-unpopular project known as the "Interchange at I-95 and Pioneer Trail," located in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

If built, this project will directly destroy: 1) scores of wetlands directly and many more indirectly, 2) habitat for endangered species, 3) an area already designated as “A-listed” for future conservation land acquisition, and 4) a watershed (Spruce Creek) already severely impaired and over-developed, likely violating several federal laws, including scrub jay and manatee protection. It will also cut off the only animal corridor to the Spruce Creek Preserve to the northeast, as all other land connections have already been built out.

Transportation experts have also said this interchange is unneeded and will not improve traffic, and the money can rightfully be used elsewhere.  Let's not ruin our local economy with more sprawl!

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Yaupon Brothers American Tea - Yaupon Brothers American Tea, Pullman Road, Edgewater, FL, USA